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Interest Rates

Currency1 Week1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year
USD - US Dollar0.
EUR - Euro0.460.270.320.410.56
GBP - British Pound0.500.420.500.630.90
JPY - Japanese Yen-0.08-
CHF - Swiss Franc-0.07-0.11-
AUD - Australian Dollar2.672.572.722.863.11
NZD - New Zealand Dollar3.153.053.353.634.06
CAD - Canadian Dollar0.991.
ILS - Israeli Shekel0.680.550.460.560.69
XAU - Gold0.300.300.350.390.43
XAG - Silver0.
PLN - Polish Zloty2.532.402.502.622.81
CZK - Czech Koruna-
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar0.
SGD - Singapore Dollar0.
MXN - Mexican Peso4.343.773.844.104.41
SEK - Swedish Krona0.770.720.770.830.98
NOK - Norwegian Krone1.561.531.641.761.94
TRY - Turkish Lira10.0610.089.639.89100
ZAR - South African Rand5.715.576.066.577.21
OIL - WTI Crude (OIL)
BRT - Brent Oil (BRT)
GAS - Gas Oil (GAS)
HEO - Heating OIL (HEO)
SPI - US 500 (SPI)
NDQ - US Tech (NDQ)
FTS - UK 100 (FTS)
DAX - Germany 30 (DAX)

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