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Forex trading is exciting and offers great potential for traders to take their investments into their own hands. The beginning for every successful trader is a well-rounded education programme.

Your journey starts here! Register and download our free forex eBook - your guide to forex trading. Learn to trade currencies, commodities like oil, precious metals like gold and the worlds' top equity indices.

Download our forex eBook and learn:

  • The basics of what makes a forex deal
    What is forex, who trades, when to trade and how can you profit?
  • Step by step guide to placing a trade
    What is a pip, leverage, the spread and how to apply risk management tools like stop loss
  • Using fundamental analysis in your trading
    How the world’s economic, political and geographic events affect the forex market
  • Introduction to technical analysis
    A practical guide on using charts, indicators and signals in your trading
  • Tips and strategies
    How to prepare a trading plan and how to stick to it!

There’s a world of trading waiting for you to Get Started!

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download our forex eBook - get started in forex

Learn Forex

One of best things you can do for yourself when you decide to trade forex is to learn as much as you can about this exciting and dynamic market. When you join easy-forex® you get access to all four forex trading video modules, our free eBook guide to trading forex, your own Demo Account to practice trading and a dedicated account service manager to answer all your questions. The process doesn’t end there - as you grow as a trader you will have a Personal Dealer who is there to discuss the market and help you formulate your trading strategies.

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By choosing to become an active trader, your demo account balance will become zero and all transactions data will be removed from 'My Account/Statement'. Your easy-forex account will change automatically the status from 'demo trader' to 'active trader' when you make the first deposit. Contact us at if you have any questions.
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