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Inside Viewer®

The Inside Viewer® is a breakthrough feature of our Visual Trading Platform.

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You get insight into real time trades and trends on the easy-forex® platform. How it works is that it takes the aggregate total of all open trades at any one moment and shows you unique market information.

Setting new standards in transparency, no other platform shares so much.

The Inside Viewer® shares three valuable insights:

popularity of currency pairs

Do you want to know which is the most popular currency pair being traded by all other traders on the easy-forex® platform?

With the "Popularity" feature you get a real-time view of which currencies other easy-forex® traders are trading.

Set the currency pair you want to know about and see what percentage of traders have open Day Trades in this pair. And see where it is ranked in popularity of all open Day Trade deals.

deal direction

Not sure whether to buy or sell a particular currency? See which direction other traders on the easy-forex® platform are trading.

Select the currency pair you are interested in, click on "Direction", and see what percentage of all currently open Day Trades on our platform are buying a specified currency.

deal structure

The "Deal Structure" feature shares even more information. See the aggregate structure of all open Day Trades on the easy-forex® platform.

Select your currency pair and see the average Stop Loss and Take Profit rates set by easy-forex® traders with currently open deals with this pair.

The contents of this website are presented for informational purposes only. They should not be viewed as investment advice, or a solicitation to buy or sell any currency.

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