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Trading Accounts and Spreads

easy-forex® has a range of different forex trading accounts with varying benefits and spreads. With the help of a personalized Account Service Manager, you can choose the trading account that is best for you. Sharia law accounts are also available.

The three main trading account types to choose from are:

  • Standard account
  • Premium account
  • VIP account

Benefits of different account types

*Key Features of the easy-forex® trading platform

Visit the Trade Tools section of the website to view these features. Some of the key features include:

  • the Visual Trading Machine® is an online platform allowing you to trade anytime, anywhere without having to download software
  • the Inside Viewer® allows you to see real-time trades and trends based on what easy-forex® traders are trading
  • the Trade Controller® is a precision graphic instrument that allows you to check profit scenarios
  • the trade simulator lets you try out some trades without risk or obligation
  • the SMS alert service delivers vital market updates directly to your mobile
  • credit card deposits and withdrawals make it even simpler to start trading
  • daily and weekly Outlooks
  • live forex news and videos
  • continuous news feed from Reuters
  • financial indicators
  • interest rates table
  • customizable currency rates table and cross currency rates
  • fixed spreads
  • fractional pips

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By choosing to become an active trader, your demo account balance will become zero and all transactions data will be removed from 'My Account/Statement'. Your easy-forex account will change automatically the status from 'demo trader' to 'active trader' when you make the first deposit. Contact us at if you have any questions.
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